Group Kerning vs Exceptions

I’m in the process of converting an old font with kerning pairs to class-based kerning. I’m running into something odd, and I’m not sure what it means.
Say I have ÄV kerned with a kerning pair (kerning exception, like it’s called in glyphs). I assign Ä a class so it kerns like AV and delete the exception. So now I click on Ä and on the right side it shows the kerning number and a lock. So far so good. But if I move the cursor to the V next to it, it shows on the left the same number but with an open lock. I don’t get it, shouldn’t it also be closed if it’s the same pair? or is it a bug?

While I’m at it, I have a suggestion. If a letter has both pair and class kerning, I’d like to see the value of the class kerning too, even if it’s grayed out, for reference.

If the lock is open from the V, then you have an exception. You can have an exception from both sides. Have a look at the kerning panel. There you can see if the pair is gray or blue.

I’m not sure i understand. If I kern @A(left) and @V(right), surely the right value of @A should be the same as the left of @V, no? Or can you have different values for the same combination?

If you kern @A and @V then you are right. But it might be that you kerned @A and V.

Aaaah! I get it now. Thanks!