GRUNGE AS HELL (but »optimized«) font will not export

I am working (again??!!) on yet another grunge style font for a client and after the worthy and wonderful support I got from this forum for the last project of this kind I have again reached a point of not knowing how to solve this: I followed everything I know and could find on the problems and workarounds typical for grungy fonts and – knowing the node count of this new monster is in the crazy numbers (1500 – 8000) – still don’t seem to find a way to make glyphs actually render a font file. It always crashes. I feel I need to reduce the node amount significantly while still maintaining most of the desired look, but even trying to use filters/plugins to get rid of short segments makes Glyphs freeze and my (strong) Mac Book Pro take a knee. I have attached the files. At this point I feel it could even make sense to start the vectorization of the basic grunge texture anew and begin reducing path/node count before using glyphs. Or am I lost? Thank you so much in advance! (2.6 MB)

Glyphs 2.6.7 or Glyphs 3.0.3, latest build on both, will export the font if you turn off Auto Hinting at Export. I did not test the font produced.

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And your outlines have a lot fractional coordinates. Those will be rounded to the grid on export. So you either round them in file already (and remove collinear segments to reduce some hundreds nodes) or set a grid that is suitable to show those small differences (e.g. set the subdivision to 10).

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THANKS A LOT! That helps already. I could export with the Glyphs 3 trial and at least have font file to test. I think I can make it from here.

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There is a tutorial about complex outlines with more useful tips for your font.