GSFontMaster.verticalStems returns odd values after Font info edit

In my reporter plugin I’ve noticed the API returning the set of stems (vertical or horizontal) just fine.

However, sometimes when I edit the values in the Font info the value will then be something like:

[24, 34L, 35L, 36]

Where the one’s with an “L” are the ones I edited / added.

Is this some kind of special notation, or a bug?

that is a special kind of integer that is used by the python bridge. In most places you can use them as you would use a python number. If not, you need to convert them to an int().

Thanks for the info.

In case anybody ever needs this, here’s how I made sure the stem values are indeed a list of ints:

verticals = [int(x) for x in Glyphs.fonts[0].selectedFontMaster.verticalStems]