GSNode name field

@jvgaultney and I had an idea the other day about using the name field of a node to store some metadata which would then be picked up by a font production pipeline. I just had a little experiment but couldn’t get anything to work:

  • There doesn’t seem to be a user interface for setting a node’s name.
  • Even when I set a name in a script and exported the font to UFO, the node name was not preserved.

I can work around the first point but the second is a big problem. Can we export the name field of a GSNode when exporting UFO files please?

The name property is mostly there for compatibility with ufo. And it does work for me.
This script:

Layer.paths[0].nodes[1].name = "hallo"

produced this:

      <point x="93" y="665" type="line"/>
      <point x="93" y="150" type="line"/>
      <point x="425" y="150" type="line" name="hallo"/>
      <point x="425" y="665" type="line"/>

This is odd. I’m getting further - I can see the node names in the glyph window now:

But they’re definitely not appearing on export:

This is with 2.6.1(1195)

How do you write the ufo? I just did “Save As…”.

“Save As…” works - “Export” doesn’t.

Works for me. Can you send me the .glyphs file?