Guide color scriptable?

Is the guide color scriptable anyhow?

In the Arabic script, there are a lot of visual lines, so it’s hard to keep track with only one color…

Guide colors can not be changed. I would recommend scoping guides to only the subset of glyphs where they are needed. For that, select a global guide and choose EditInfo for Selection… (⌥⌘I). A window opens where you can define on which glyphs the guide should be visible:

Or, if you use the guides for glyph metrics, configure additional metrics in FileFont Info…MastersMetrics. Click the plus button next to the Metrics heading to add an additional metric, give it a name and a scope filter by clicking on the blue capsule shape, and set its position, like the “Some Custom Metric” in this example:

You can also choose ViewShow Metrics Names to show the names of the metrics to identify which line is indicating what:

Or, if you want to continue using guides instead of metrics, give guides a name to differentiate them by selecting a guide and entering a name in its Info box:

(Note that ViewShow Info must be select for the Info box to be shown.)

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