Guidelines Undo

Often I delete a guideline, then undo but I end up undoing the previous action because guidelines are currently not being undone.

Global guideline actions cannot be undone whereas local ones can.

Actually I have a request regarding this. When you select something (e.g. outline nodes) and global guidelines and move them together, the undo of the path movement is not correct. Could it be fixed, either by reorganising undo steps or making them un-selectable simultaneously?

True. I tend to use only global, so I didn’t know local can be.

Your suggestion sounds very nice!

Cannot reproduce. Can you describe precise steps or make a screencast?

Here. When you move the guide with nodes, the undo gets messed up. When you move the nodes, guide somehow follows, which is a new discovery. I guess the best way to avoid this is to not make them selectable together?

I fixed the breaking undo and the rotation.

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Is there a reason that global guide actions can’t be undone? I’ve accidentally moved them and have to manually reposition. It’s not a big thing, but I’d have expected them to undo.

You can undo global guide right after you moved it. But after that it would not be clear what you intend: move stuff in glyph “A”, go to glyph “B” and move the guide. Go back to glyph “A” and undo. What should happen. Undo the changed in “A” or undo the guides.
Each glyph has its own undo, but the global guides are part of the font and that create some conflicts.

There is a bug semi-related to undoing guidelines. Currently you can select and move nodes, components, anchors as well as guidelines which seems to mess up undo. I sometimes accidentally do that, and there is no way to go back easily.