Guides and Rulers... like Adobe

The other thing is the guides to have the normal ability to add remove or lock guides
For me they are critical to be existent in Glyphs.

What is wrong with the adding, removing and locking as implemented right now?

Dear Georg,
what I meant is the buttons: Command + R = Rulers (Guides creation) in Adobe…
Maybe we have them but I am not able to see them.

I still don’t understand. Cmd+R toggles the visibility of the ruler bars. Those are used to drag guides from in Adobe apps. I don’t think we need ruler bars in Glyphs and to add then just to add guides??

There are several ways to add guides. One is by right clicking and choose “Add Guide” from the context menu. If you have two nodes selected, it will place the guide that it goes through both.
Or hitting ‘g’ while dragging with the measurement tool (also possible to hold cmd+opt+ctrl, drag and hit g (it is a bit acrobatic for the fingers, I know)).

I tend to agree with soundofnature.
I think guides are very important in any kind of design even font design but choosing Add Guideline from the context menu only creates a horizontal guide not vertical also I would like the option of drawing guides manually.


I know that, thats why I added several ways to add them.

There is a angle property in the info box. You can have guides in any angle. And if you double click a guide, it will be rotated by 90°.

Dear Georg, the old way of implementing a guide is normal and still the standard way of drawing it, plz add the authentic option.

Thank you for your patience.

I personally don’t like this idea, as in FontLab I tended to create guidelines more by accident than intention. As Georg says, there is no standard implementation of guidelines (“standard” and “I’m used to this” shall not be confused).

Another reason why it doesn’t make much sense is the interface (again, as Georg says). Guideline from the ruler will need rulers in the edit view, but in Glyphs the edit view is not used for just one glyph. Also it has a (non-threatening) danger of accidentally creating guidelines far outside of the intended glyph.

As for “drawing guides manually” Vividi said, though I’m not sure exactly what is meant, you use measurement tool, and hit G while you’re dragging. Another super useful feature is to select two nodes and then Add Guideline from context menu, which adds a line that goes through those nodes. Very useful for checking angle and thickness.


I don’t like the rulers in Adobe apps, and I don’t need them. It’s annoying that I have to turn them off in every new document. Glyphs’s guidelines are fine, as I see it.

I’m sure there is a permanent way to disable it in Adobe apps, but I don’t know exactly how. Maybe when you don’t have any documents open?

Another thing I don’t like about ruler and guide is, if you think about the ruler as a guideline button, the area that horizontal and vertical guide buttons takes place is massive compared to other functions in the application. I understand that guides are important, but surely it’s not that much. And the sheer size of these things is why it causes more accidental guides.

Agree with Georg & Tosche. Glyphs’ guidelines are much more precise than the Adobe ones and made for type design.

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