Guillemot vs guillemet?

If I create punctuation glyphs from the filters menu, gullemotright and guillemotleft are created. However, if I “update glyph info” on those glyphs, they become “guillemEtright” and “guillemetleft” and cannot be renamed. Which one is correct?

the spelling with “o” is incorrect so I fixed it. But the filter are kept from before the change. So in Glyphs the “e” is correct, outside it is the “o”. This will be handled like all other nice names. On export the “wrong” Adobe glyph list name is used.

These are guillemots. The correct spelling for these »« is guillemet. If you do want to have the misspelled name in your glyph, you can go to File > Font Info > Other Settings and check the Don’t use nice names option.

Nah, don’t want the misspelled name ;). Just wanted to know which one was the correct one. Thanks!

Sorry I’m being such a bother lately with my bug reports

Since the correct spelling is used within Glyphs, shouldn’t it be the one used in the “Mac Roman” and “Windows 1252” built-in filters?

It is. I guess you still have an old filter file in the app support folder.

As mekkablue said. The filter is stored locally and the updated version from the app is not shown as soon as you add your own filters. So you should update your lists manually.

Okay, thanks.
Somewhat related: would it make sense if, when a list is created or edited (or maybe as soon as that file is saved?), that list was updated in all open Glyphs files?

This is on my list.

Also somewhat related: The “Arrow” category is expecting glyphs named
while as far as I can tell the “nice names” for these are
Is this a bug that an update can fix? Since it’s a Category rather than a Filter I don’t have easy access to the list to edit it, I don’t think.