"guilsinglleft/right" Not typing issue…

When adding guilsinglleft/guilsinglright to the glyph set, they show when double-clicking but not when typing the < and >.
Hope someone has an easy fix:-)


Hans g

< and > are mathematical operators and not quotes. Their glyph names are less and greater.

Typing of the similar looking quotes ‹ and › depends on your keyboard. You can also type the keyboard shortcut Command-F and insert the glyphs by name.

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Oh yessssss!
Thank you so much for the quick reply Florian, saved my day and frustrations.
For future updates, I would have loved to see the glyph next to the name in the drop-downs in the sidebar. Always forget the ones that I use seldom, often I activate all and then delete all the unused:-)
Have a great day!
Cheers from Norway

What drop-down in the sidebar do you mean? One of the elements in this screenshot:?


The list in the drop-down are characters that don’t exist in the font yet so any display would have to use a system font.

I understand, but using a system font would give me the visual representation:-)
I’m a former Fontographer user so I miss seeing the full glyph map. 99% of the time I’m super happy with your app and also the support!!!

If I understand correctly, this is something that is already implemented, but only in the main app (not Glyphs Mini):

However, in Glyphs Mini (and Glyphs), you can go to WindowGlyph Info. There, you see the glyph names as well as glyph images with the system fonts. Select the glyph you want and click Add to Font.