GX exporting one BIG glyph

I looked through the forum but haven’t seen this anywhere else.
I’ve just made a font in Glyphs 3 with 3 masters that are all compatible. Everything looks perfect when I export static OTFs, but when I export the variable OTF or WOFF file my number 2 is scaling up in size. It’s fine at the lightest weight but starts to scale up huge rather than just change weight like every other glyph.

I deleted the two completely from the glyphs file and created a new two - but still have the same issue. Any help with this much appreciated thanks!

I’ve attached screenshot of the 2 in Glyphs 3 with the instances interpolating as they should, and a screenshot of the variable file in Font Gauntlet (same issue in Illustrator).

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.17.24 PM

Can you show the master setup and the layer panel?

Thanks Georg.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 1.27.11 PM

what happens when you remove that stray node (next to the green “1”)?

Nailed it! Thanks Georg