Hairline exporting problem

hi guys, i am making a hairline version of my font but when exporting the circule O exports as a simple circule without the reverse contour. Let me attach a pic. I tried a lot, like redraw, tidy up things, etc. the only thing that work out is to enlarge the thickness, but thats not what i need! see pics for better understanding. Any ideas? Thanks

NOTE: at glyphs preview looks awesome, problem appear when export for adobe apps :frowning:

Is the path direction is correct? And the preview is working in Glyphs?

Or is is a problem with the remove overlap code. Export it without removing overlap.

Hi Georg, nothing overlaps here, there are just 2 circles.

yes, at preview works fine!

I meant the remove overlap option in the export panel. Uncheck it and try again.

fuck! it works! thanks… now gotta remove overlaps manual :stuck_out_tongue:

can you send me the file. Then I try to fix the remove overlap filter

Thats ok man, thanks.