Hand written ccmp features doesn't seem to be working when the file is exported

Hi there,

My font isn’t made from letters but from dots, that are placed in some kind of grid. The position of each dot represents the position of the respective letter on a phone keyboard.

I want these dots to be connected via the ccmp feature (inspired by: Making an educational connected script font – OpenType help and glyph setup - #2 by guidoferreyra).

It’s working all fine in Glyphs, but as soon as I export the font and try it in InDesign, Pages etc., nothing happens, there are no connections.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks for suggestions and help.

Indesign doesn’t support one to many substitutions in the standard composer. You need to switch to the World Ready composer.
For Pages, you might have a cache problem

And I think your code is wrong. It would add another ‘a’:

sub a b' by connector_a_b b;

Thanks for your fast response!
I don’t really know what the standard/World Ready composers are.
How would I make my code/feature work for InDesign?

You need to set the composer:

There is nothing else you can do, other than getting on Adobes nerves by demanding that they get their shit together.

Ah okay, got it. But unfortunately that didn’t help.
I also followed the instructions of the two tutorials you provided but that didn’t change anything either. I also looked for any glyph-variants while testing the font in pages, but I could not find any.
In the picture you can see what I try to achieve and what the result is in Glyphs/pages:

The ccmp feature would not show up in the typography panel in Pages as it is always active.

Can you send me the file? I dont really understand what you are trying to do.

The problem is not with the OpenType feature. but your connection glyphs only contain single, open path segments. Those are ignored when exporting. So you need to offset them. You can do that on export: https://glyphsapp.com/learn/monoline

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Thank you so much!
That was the problem, now it is working both in InDesign (only with the World Ready composer) and Pages.
I was really about to give up with this issue but now you saved my week!