Handles of smooth nodes are behaving the same as corner nodes

I updated to Glyphs 3.2 today and noticed that when changing handles of smooth nodes they are behaving the same way as with corner nodes, meaning not moving as one. Please see a screen recording here: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2023-05-23 at 11.32.23 PM.mp4 - Simplify your life.

Same here. In the latest version, smooth nodes are treated like corners.

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I fixed it. Sorry for that.

Has the fix been released Georg?
(I went back to the previous version for now)

It’s not fixed in today’s (24th) update.

No that update went out last night before I had time to look into this.

OK. Thanks Georg.

Mine are still behaving like a corner nodes, 3.2 (3194) on macOS 12.3.

Yes. I fixed it after I uploaded 3194. The next update is almost finished.