Has "open corner" command moved? I can't find it

I can’t find the open corner command in Glyphs. I don’t see it in the context menu anymore. (control-click on a mac). Has it moved, or has its name changed? Thanks for any help you can offer.

A little update, it turns out the open corner command is there after all. It just isn’t showing up for the point I want to use it on. (The apex point of the counter of my A.) Any ideas why “open corner” might not show up for a particular point?

If you select the node, do you click it or do you drag a rect around it. If the later, you probably have two nodes on top of each other and then the command does not show up. Select a node next to it and hit tab (or shift tab) to step through the nodes. This will help you find the double nodes.

Hi Georg. I’m just clicking the node. I tried the tab technique you suggest, and it looks like there is only a single node there. Still no good; I can’t open the corner. Is there a limit to the corner angle? It is a very tight angle.

Can you send the file to support [ at ] glyphsapp . Com?

I’ve had a busy week and forgot to check back on this. I will send the file now. Thank you!

The Open Corner command does not seem to work on (green) curve points, it must be transformed into a (blue) corner point first. To achieve that, you can (a) double click the node, (b) select it and hit return or © choose Tidy Up Paths from the Layers menu (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T).