Having issues with newly added Arabic Unicodes

I’m trying to add a few unicodes recently added to the Arabic Extended-B Block, to my moroccan font, and somehow I can’t get them to work. Here’s an example: U+087C (which is an Alef With Right Middle Stroke And Dot Above).
Here is a screenshot of the “Info For Selection” window, so that you can see what I did, and whether there’s anything wrong with the entries. Thank you.

The Unicode value is just that code point without the UNI prefix.

Thank you @FlorianPircher. I knew it would be an easy fix. Lol
Also, would it be possible to tell me briefly what does the small “i” on top right corner of the glyph’s window stands for? Thanks.

The little :information_source: symbol indicates that you have modified the info of the glyphs (for example, its Unicode value).

Thank you.