Having performance issues

I’m working on a dotted layered font and everything has been working fine. But I have been experiencing some issues with it lately. Glyphs app is freezing and extremely slow. Now it got to the point that I’m not even able to open the file and work.
It got to the point of using more than 30GBs of memory.
I have the latest version.
What can I do?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

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Does this only occur with this file?

My guesses:

  • Disable all View menu items, including all plug-ins,
  • Close the preview are at the bottom,
  • Follow the suggestions in the Complex Outlines tutorial
  • Try the latest beta: Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.
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just sent you a dm. Thanks!

Thanks. Hopefully that helps!

I thought it was working but it isn’t :woman_shrugging:
Any other ideas?

Try starting without plugins altogether: hold down Option and Shift when the app starts. Then you know if the problem is a plug-in or not.

It seems to be a plugin! It worked fine when I started Glyphs without the plugins. But I opened it again, with the plugins, and I’m not able to work.

Now remove the plugins one by one to find out which it is.
You find the plugins in this folder ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Plugins/. (in Finder hit cmd+Shift+G, paste the folder string and hit enter. Move the plugins, one by one, or a “Plugins Disabled” folder and restart Glyphs each time.

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Thank you Georg! Show angled handles was the culprit.
Thanks both for all the help! :slight_smile:

Show Angled Handles has been a problem for some time now. The workaround I use is to turn it on as a final check then turn it off again. Otherwise the app slows to a crawl in a very short time.

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I think I’m going to do the same George. Thanks for the advice!

So the plugin is fast in the beginning and becomes slower over time?

I never had had any problems with the plugin except with this font file and with this font file it’s slow right from the beginning. I can’t get anything done if the plugin is on.

Not fast, no. As soon as it is turned on there is a noticeable lag in response time but if left on it will slow the app down to where it is better to just turn it off.

I have rewritten the plugin in ObjectiveC. It is down from taking ~40% of the performances to 0.5%. So has no influence on the performance any more.

Opening the Plugin Manager should update the plugin. You then need to restart Glyphs.

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Major thanks, Georg! Performance is great now.

Another plugin that would benefit from ObjectiveC would be Show Coordinates of Selected Nodes. When Cmd-A is selected with it turned on, scrolling is somewhat jerky.

Try again. It now turns itself off when the selection has more than 20 points.

Update: 20 still seems a high threshold to me. How do you use the plug-in? How many points do you have usually selected when you look at the coordinates?

Update 2: I set the display threshold to 12 for now. Let me know if there are cases where you want to see coordinates and it is not showing.

Usually one at a time. The only time I would have all selected would be a transform (scale) or something of that nature. Automatic turnoff is a good idea.