Having trouble accessing componentLayer on GSComponent in Python API

I’ve been trying to access a GSLayer via GSComponent.componentLayer but the value is always None. Any idea what could be happening?

Can you should the actual code lines?

well I just realized I don’t need it, but in case it is still helpful to you:

I’m in the middle of fixing up an old script for building circled components. some things have changed across Glyphs API versions, so there are some things that are broken and I dont have a full working script to share right now. but one of the things that has changed seems to be componentLayer:

def buildCircledGlyphs(to_build,build_from,circle_type):
	for i,build_glyph in enumerate(to_build):
		if not font.glyphs[build_glyph]:
			new_glyph = GSGlyph(build_glyph)
			new_glyph.leftMetricsKey = "=50"
			new_glyph.rightMetricsKey = "=50"

			for layer in new_glyph.layers:
				circle_component = GSComponent(circle_type)
				build_component = GSComponent(build_from[i])
				circle_component.automaticAlignment = True	
				circle_component.locked = True		
				build_component.automaticAlignment = False
				# the issue is here 
				component_layer = layer.components[1].componentLayer

maybe there is there some aspect of constructing the component and adding the metric key etc that used to work in another Glyphs 3 version and has changed recently / would prevent things from initializing or something like that? if I print layer.components[1] it exists, and shows the right component, but the .componentLayer doesn’t exist on that component. componentLayer is a available for existing compounds, just not the ones I’m making in this script

maybe I do need it actually.

this is the old script that worked at some point in v3:

if layer.components[1].componentLayer returns nothing, it most likely means that the component references a glyph that is not in the font, or is otherwise not setup correctly.
if you select a component in the Edit View and run


you will see that it will return something.

I found the issue, thanks georg