Having trouble saving kernings

I seem to have problems saving kernings. I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t realize it, but I can kern as much as I want in Glyphsapp, but when I export the font, the kerning is non-existent.
I’ve resorted to adjusting letter widths to get by. But I don’t know if this is a bug, or if my glyphs file is corrupted. Is there anything I should look for to get the kerning to export?

How do you test your kerning? Do you install it in the system fonts folder?

I installed it on a variety of platforms, and the kerning looks ignored on each one: Windows XP-8, MacOS, webOS, Android, iOS

Can you send me the .glyphs and the .otf file?

Just emailed them. Thanks.

In which application are you using your font? Keep in mind that most web browsers ignore kerning information.

Wasn’t aware that most browsers ignored kerning.
However, I’m using this in a viriaty of applications: email, word, pages, notepad, as the system font, instapaper, etc. It seems pretty consistent. If you want to take a look at the sources also, they are here: https://github.com/antijingoist/open-dyslexic/tree/master/sources

Well, it looks like I was just not doing it right! Stupid caches. :smiley:
Thanks for taking a look georg!

I had some issues with kerning on an italic, where the lowercase a was in the same kerning group as “o”. Whenever I exported it, the kerning was stripped from a, for some reason…

Open /Applications/Utilities/AppleScript Editor.app, paste this into the window:

do shell script "atsutil databases -removeUser"
do shell script “sudo atsutil databases -remove” with administrator privileges
do shell script "atsutil server -shutdown"
do shell script “atsutil server -ping”

Save it as Script in ~/Library/Scripts/ and call it something like “Clear Font Caches.scpt”.

Then, go into AppleScript Editor’s Preferences and activate the “Show Script menu in menu bar” option.

Now every time you want to install a new version of the font, you have to remove it from Font Book first, then call the Clear Font Caches script from the Script menu (will ask you for your password), then install the new version of the font. I also advise to restart the application you were using it in.

Or just work with InDesign’s Fonts folder.

Might be an issue with your kerning groups. If you send me the .glyphs file, I can take a look: mekka at my username dot com

mekka, thats awesome. :slight_smile: