Hebrew 101 - A few questions :)

Hey guys,

A few questions from a first timer :wink:

  • The height of the Hebrew letter is higher than the x-height and lower than Cap.
    Is there any guide for the Hebrew letters height? (It’s probably not going to be the x-height nor the Cap).
    As much as I know Hebrew type designers uses the small caps as guide, it seems a bit weird to me as I want to keep small caps for their main propose.

  • Is there any tutorial for diacritics in Hebrew and how align them?

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In the Masters tab of File > Font Info… (Command-I), add the Custom Parameter shoulderHeight. That’ll add a metric line for Hebrew glyphs instead of the x-Height. This is similar to how the smallCapHeight custom parameter works. It’s mentioned in the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook in section 7.2.2 Metrics and 17.3 Custom Parameters: https://glyphsapp.com/get-started

For some Hebrew type design related information, @meirsadan maintains a good list of resources here: https://hebrewtype.club/resources
It includes a number of the links I would have mentioned. Hope that helps some.


Thank you @composerjk!

Yes, thank you @composerjk!

While we’re on the subject, I have a question regarding shoulderHeight: other than for display purposes and for the (semi) automatic handling of alignment zones, are there any “hidden” benefits to using this height over an x-height or a small cap height (such as maybe script-specific auto-hinting)?

The shoulderHeight is also used to place the top anchors.

And you might end up with Latin + small caps in your file, so you should use the most appropriate setting.

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