Hebrew kerning issue in Glyphs 3151

Hello guys,
I’m having issue importing kerning for Hebrew in Glyphs 3 with metrics files.

  1. the RTL kerning was put in LTR. So I ran “Convert RTL Kerning from Glyphs 2 to 3”. It kind of worked, but only for glyphs to glyphs kerning, not when groups are involved.
  2. So just to be sure, I created a clean Hebrew file. Created groups, and did some kerning in RTL mode. When I export the metric file, the “SEGMENT KERN” is missing for RTL, while SEGMENT CLASSES and SEGMENT SPACING are in the file.
    Is there any option I missed?
    edit: the RTL section display the “MMK_” prefix in the kerning window when the Latin strip it from the groups name. So I wonder if it’s a string handling issue. Also common glyphs kerned in both direction (like period, comma, etc.) are not working anymore in LTR.
    I can send the Glyphs file + the metric files for inspection if you need it.

Please send the file.