Hebrew support?

First, i wanted to say how impressed I am with this tool, it looks excellent.

Is there any chance off adding support for Hebrew?

Currently if you open a Hebrew font, all the letters are arranged incorrectly (they should be arranged by their unicode).
Also, the Text Tool does not work at all when typing in Hebrew, so trying to kern is impossible…


Everything despite the right to left support would be very easy to implement. I basically only need to add all necessary glyphs to my glyph data base.

Can you write me an eMail? I would like to discuss the details with you.


I’ve sent you an email, did you receive it?


The glyphs info for Hebrew and Arabic is still incorrect (V 0.4.5).
So, if i open Arial, which has Latin, Hebrew and Arabic,
the glyphs for Latin will be fine (52/52) but the Hebrew and Arabic will show 0…