Hedera or Fleuron Glyph?

I wanted to design a Hedera glyph for my typeface, although looking through the categories I couldn’t find the Hedera/fleuron to be able to generate it. Is it included in the glyph app? if not is there a certain naming convention I should use for it to appear in the font properly?

Thanks for your help!

It depends on which fleuron you want. If you know the Unicode value for the glyph, you can use that when adding the glyph to your font via Glyphs > Add Glyphs…, e.g. uni2766 for floralHeart. (If it’s a 5-digit Unicode value, then the format of the name would be uXXXXX where X are the digits.) It’s also possible to search via Window > Glyph Info. When searching by Unicode value, just use the numeric portion, e.g., 2766 or start with 276.

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Thank you!