Heh-ar.isol automatic code

I remember once getting Glyphs 2 generate automatic code for isolated heh when there is a glyph named heh-ar.isol, but I know longer get it. I’m not sure if the glyph name is the right one or not, or if Glyphs 2 no longer generates such code (I can’t see this feature documented anywhere).

I can write the code manually, not a big issue, but I want to make sure if I did so Glyph 2 won’t generate similar code in the future, so I’d like to know what are the conditions for generating this code if it is still supported.

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I just tried and got some feature code for the heh. I checked the feature generator expects a certain list of glyphs to be present. You need at least an “alef-ar” or a bunch of other, common glyphs.


I have alef-ar, but the font is still WIP so probably not all common glyphs are there yet. It would help to have a complete list of the expected glyphs, otherwise I think I can wait until Glyphs starts generating the feature for me and decide what to do then (or use a different heh glyph name).

One form the list is enough. Can you send me the file?

I can’t share the font, as it is not mine. However I tried in a new font with placeholder Arabic glyphs and it worked, then I noticed that it is putting the generated code in isol feature and the real font has a manual isol feature, and indeed if I remove all the code, add a manual isol feature, then the automatic isol feature will not be auto generated.