Height metric in multiple masters


I’m working on a font that has multiple masters, it’s a colored font.

So far I’ve followed the layered font tutorial on here, and by adding the custom parameter “Link Metric with First Master” to each layer and check boxing “value”, I’ve been able to keep all masters/layers the same width for each character.

However, I can’t find a way to make sure the [height metric] is the same as the First Master for each character. A swift response is highly appreciated, thank you for your help. Throwing in helpful tips for a colored font is also a plus if you have any

Just select all masters and check if all vertical metrics fields show a value. If not, then there are differences. Just type the value in the field and it will applied to all masters.

Okay thank you, is there a faster way to make sure all Cap Height/x-height, etc etc is consistent on all masters? Or do I have to manually copy them into each value of each master…

As I said, you can select all masters in the list on the left (either select the first and shift click the last or click in the list once and then hit cmd+A). Then you can edit all values at once.