Help! Error: "is not permitted according to the OpenType spec v1.4." in Feature file at line: 14

Trying to Export font but i have this error! Screenshot%20at%20Jun%2005%2013-35-15|537x222


That is a makeotf error. See the troubleshooting tutorial for clues:

Thank you, but a already know this.
I found this in a terminal log. What it all does it mean?
in your example, there is a clear reason, but in my case I see complex terms that I can’t understand because of their specificity.

I made that typeface in the previous version of the program and exported it successfully. All the functions including alternative characters worked. But now that I have opened the font in the latest version, this error has occurred.

We recently updated makeOTF, the tool from Adobe that compiles the fonts. They seem to have added some checks.

From the error message, it seems that you have an invalid ‚ÄėcodePageRange‚Äô parameter. Just remove it.

thank you for your answer. But I am the absolute noob in questions concerning code and program. Where can I find this parameter? In the program itself or somewhere in its files?

The parameters are the lower part of the first three panes in font info.

You mean this one?

Or this?

The second screenshot but not just the last three lines but the lower half: This are the ‚ÄúCustom Parameters‚ÄĚ. You can remove most of them, specially the gray ones. There should be an entry called ‚ÄúcodepageRanges‚ÄĚ or openTypeOS2CodeageRanges". That you need need to remove.

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Its working! Thank you!