Help: Error with export

Hi There, Can anyone help me. I’m getting errors exporting to the adobe test folder and I do not know where to start/search to fix this.

The errors:
Expected Glyph or Glyph class - Found in: feature ‘kern’ , line 3
Rule type (Pair Ajustment Positioning) incompatible with lookup “kern_DFLT” (Single Adjustment Positioning

The original file is an old font I made with fontself, opened in glyphsapp and redrawn all in Glyphsapp, then added kerning (maybe to enthousiastic) I think I did something wrong there? Any help appreciated, worried I might have to start all over.
Thank you,

Can you check if there is a “kern” feature in Font Info > Features?

Hi Georg,
I think so, I have added the feature kern - Kerning.

No, it shouldn’t be there.

Can you send me that .glyphs file.

Yes of course thank you, how do I send you the file?

Either by DM or to support (at) (this website without ‘www’ or ‘forum’).

You managed to set the names of the number glyphs to the number (0, 1 …). But you need to spell it out (zero, one …) . Glyphs normally “fixes” that for you but you set the “Keep custom names” in Font Info > Other.

Could there be a warning pop up or something, when you run Update Glyph Info and the names don’t match the expected ones (and Keep Custom Names is checked)? It trips me off every now and then and every time I forget what causes this and have to search.

Why are you using the Keep Custom Names parameter in the first place? Only use these parameters if you’re sure of what you’re doing :wink:

Because sometimes you work with files from other people, or (God forbid) UFOs?