Help ! Export font

Hello everyone!
I just started using Glyphsapp for a week, maybe my question is really silly but please tell me: how to export 2 layer masters into a single font file ( ttf, otf,woff2), thanks everybody !
Done. Close topic, thank you!

What do you mean by “two layer masters”? Do you mean a variable font? One that has, for example, Regular and Bold in one file?

In that case, some notes:

  • technically, you won’t be able to export both masters to the font file. A variable font contains the outlines of one master, plus deltas (description of differences from the main master) for the other instance locations.
  • you won’t be able to export a variable font as an otf. This is only possible as ttf (and woff, woff2).

In order to export a variable font, simply click File > Export (Cmd+E) and select “variable fonts”.

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