Help! What is OTS (not OTF) parsing error?

Hi all,

I have a problem that comes up during font installation on web app.

We need to install Web fonts for TV platforms that run on Android apps, Smart TV (HTML-chrome browser), and Altec TV (Ekioh browser).

In the installation process we get this JS Error:
OTS parsing error: glyf: Failed to parse glyph 0

Does anyone know what causes this problem and what I need to do to fix it?

that is not a javascript error per se, OTS stands for opentype sanitize — it validates font files in browsers

is the font working correctly, but you’re just getting that error in the console? it’s possible it’s safe to ignore.

the error message indicates a problem with the glyf table in your font files that I can’t explain - perhaps someone else on the forum has encountered this error in particular. but if you’re comfortable using the command line, you can download the latest OTS release (I’m assuming you’re on a mac) and then run ots-sanitize against the font file to see if it gives you more information

Thank you @tribby, the font is working great, the error appears only when trying to install it on the server.
the thing is that every platform is sending an error message to a different format
Chrom - error to .woff and .ttf
Ekioh - to .woff and .woff2

I’m more of a designer than an engineer, so I don’t feel comfortable around code (or Github).

@GeorgSeifert @mekkablue
Do you guys have any idea what is the problem? We still haven’t figured it out.
We will be happy to send the Glyphs file if needed.

Thanks in advance

What browser is that? We found a problem with older versions of Firefox. Maybe it is the same here. I change that part.

The problem is not with Firefox but with Chrome.

The thing is that Chrome is sanding an error for “TTF” format
and Ekioh browser is sanding an error for “Woff” and “Woff2” formats.
for technical reasons, we can’t use 2 different formats.

What do you mean by that?

I mean I changed that code and so the export will change with the next update.

Thanks @GeorgSeifert the latest update (3.0.5) + adding all the Win 1252 unicodes solved the issue