Hinted sans exemplar

Are there any open source fonts—preferably sans serif—that are well hinted with Glyphs? I need an exemplar to help with problem characters like diacritics and punctuation.

The Fira Sans is manually hinted in Glyphs. It should be in the repo by now.


The Fira source is up, but it isn’t hinted.

The latest version of Fira 4.203 comes with automatical hinting via tta.
A new version with vastly enlarged script support won’t be released until autumn as there is still a lot of marketing stuff to do from the sponsor. But yes, it is manually hinted in Glyphs in cooperation with FontWerk. We really enjoy the possibility of implementing hinting not necessarily at the end of the workflow and across all masters. Especially in such a big project. So thanks a lot Georg and Monika!

If you’re interested and you’re in Berlin occasionally, you can come around and have a look at the files before the release.

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