Hinting : not working :(

Dear Glyphs forum,

The auto-hinting does not seem to work very well with my new otf typeface, here is a screenprint attached:

I tried to fix this in different ways, my alignment zones are set, I tried to add manual hinting but it did’nt change much.
For example, b and a, that have the same alignment zones, but jump on two different “baselines” in some sizes.

Do you have an advice?

Thank you!

There are a few things that go wrong. Slightl misalignments, wrong path directions, wrong alignment zones.

Did you read the tutorial about PS Autohinting?

You can tell the path directions just by looking at the screenprint? :slight_smile: What is the secret?

Otherwise I don’t think my alignement zones are wrong though:

I actually added a few hints manually and a “ghost” point on the lower curve of the a, and it is getting slightly better but I still have alignement problems, I don’t know what to do… :confused:

Yes of course, I have set my stems width and my alignment zones.

The path direction in the a is fine. The overshot in at the xHeight is quite big. That can cause jumps like that. Can y0u post a screenshot of the o and d?

Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

Thank you for offering your help! I sent you the glyphs file by email.

Yes, the overshoot is big, I had to go until the maximum of 25, especially with the black master.

Here are some screenshots:

(I tried to put some manual hints here and it seemed to work a bit better for this letter especially).

The bottom of d doesn’t have a proper horizontal stem hint (ghost intended?). I think this is causing d to jump up by a pixel.

@Emilie: I gave a detailed response by e-mail.

And I just updated the tutorial about PS autohinting.

The manual hints in the d will produce wrong results. The overshot at the xheight is quite different than in the o. Attache the lower horizontal hint to the bowl instead of the outstroke…

Thank you all for your answers, and especially Rainer for your email.
I tried a bit of this and that and it is starting to work better. Actually, the manual hints help a lot in the end.

But I still have one big problem:

I want to keep that top left serif (in n, m, r, u) going higher than the curve to maintain the optical balance, but then it disappear in small sizes. The problem gets fixed if I set the x-height alignement zone at 38. As you advice not to go over 25, would that cause a problem somewhere else?

if you set the x-hight zone to big, the top alignment of the curves will not work reliably any more.