Hinting problem on Windows

Hello Everyone!

I am having problems displaying my font on broswers from Windows.
With Mac there are no problems while using Windows some letters are displayed lower than the x-height, only in small size.
So I think it is a hinting problem but I don’t know how to solve it.
I have put the stems values and the “TTFStems” parameter, and manually corrected the Hinting of the problematic letters, but the problem remains.

Also, the problem is only there with specific stylistic sets, especially with the letters “a” “g” “y” belonging to two different sets

Does anyone know what I could do?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Schermata 2023-10-24 alle 10.46.43
Schermata 2023-10-24 alle 10.47.54

Please have a read of these articles Learn — Search results for: ‘hinting’ | Glyphs

Did you export PostScript or TrueType? And did you use auto hinting?

Thanks for the answers!
I export TrueType and also use auto hinting. I only do it manually in the letters that create problems

Sorry, manual hinting I did it with PS export not TT

For TrueType with autohinting, you need to read this: Hinting: TrueType autohinting | Glyphs.