Hinting stems missing on export

Hi Team

My master contains 4 stem values, for UC and LC stems in all masters, but upon hitting export with autohinting enabled, the regular master exports with only 2 stems, while the other masters and instances exports correct. What could this be and how to fix this?

Can you show the setup in all masters?

Do you have two values that are the same?

However, the exported instance of regular looks like this inside;

What version of Glyphs do you have? It might be a problem with the import rather with the output. So the stems in the font are probably fine.

3.1.1 (3148)

Any reason you don’t use the latest version?

I have been preparing a launch these past few weeks, so I didn’t want to suddenly worry about something not working by updating. I’ll update and see if it works now.

Same issue after upgrading

Can you verify with a different tool that the stems are not in the file. I just found a problem with the import of stems from .otf. So opening something in Glyphs is not a good way to troubleshoot things. You can try OTMaster Light or ttx.

Hi Georg. I can’t seem to find a free version of this software. Would it be possible to send you an OTF?

Yes, please send the file.