Horizontal offset correction for vertical transformations in italic fonts

i think for moving selections up and down(and for some other transformations about y coordinates) in italic fonts we need consider italic angle in many situations. i suggest define an additional shortcut key to bring italic angle related horizontal correction offset in vertical transformations(like opt key with mouse and shortcut keys for moves and an checkbox/argument in other transformations and filters to toggle consider it).

the math is simple(if I’m not mistaken); new x coordinates comes from:
x = x + y.tan(italic_angle)
(I’m not sure round function apply globally in Glyphs app or we need to put in formulates(?))

I’m not sure there are any more modifier keys available in the standard select tool. But this could be done with a custom tool that behaves like the select tool, just instead of moving vertically with the up and down arrow keys, it moves points along the italic angle.

If all you need is moving points, this could probably also be done with a script. There are already as few like “Move Selection Up/Down 10 Units at Italic Angle” in Daniel Gamage’s Scripts.

i think it’s worth to consider in standard select tool and as a flag or option in other transformations/filters.

thank you, I will check that.