Hot-link glyphs?

Hello, similarly to “Import Master”, I would like to import cerain glyphs from a different file.

My use-case: I want to sync monospaced glyphs between families. So, I would like to import the .tf numbers from my proportional file into my monospace file (and, ideally, rename them to be the default figures).

I’m thinking of a parameter where I can define a font file and then a list with 1. the name of the glyph in the source font, 2. the new name when it is imported into the target font. Something like this:  # import the glyph "" and rename it to "one"
*.tf=*  # import all .tf suffix glyphs and remove the suffix
*.tf*=**  # import all glyphs with .tf in the name and remove the .tf particle
*.tosf=*.osf  # import all .tosf suffix glyphs, rename them to .osf
*.tosf*=*.osf*  # import all glyphs with .tosf in the name and rename the .tosf particle to .osf
plus  # import the glyph "plus" and leave the name as is

I’m sure the syntax could allow for more possibilites, but these already would be very powerful, in my opinion.

If I’m missing something and this is already possible somehow, I’d be very curious to know. Thanks!

There is an “Import Font” parameter. It imports all glyphs that are not in the importing font. So you might need to divide the glyphs into smaller chunks to avoid unnecessary glyphs. Or use rename/remove parameters.

Right, thanks, that is already pretty good. It’s a bit annoying, though:

Let’s say I have my host file (monospace) and want to import the default numbers into my target (proportional) font. When I import the glyphs, they are not added to my project, because the default numbers already exist.

Doing it the other way around (importing the .tf from my proportional project into my monospace project) is maybe possible, but annoying to manage with Rename Glyphs parameters in exports. This doesn’t play well with automatic feature generation.

In either case,

Being able to rename glyphs on import would allow for a lot more possibilities and management capabilities.

I just tried the Import Font parameter. The very least I would like to be able to do is to set the export status in my current project. Managing that with Remove Glyphs parameters is very tedious and error-prone.

I need to think about this.

Thanks a lot, that would be incredibly useful.

In the meantime, I am trying to work with the Import Font parameter and scripting. I am having trouble figuring out how to manipulate these glyphs upon export. I am trying to copy (duplicate) the imported glyphs, in order to then manipulate them (remove nested components, etc.).

However, I cannot append glyphs of the same name to my font. How can I duplicate the imported glyphs into my project?

Other example: I have accidentally deleted the glyph “A” in my current project. This means the glyph “A” from my other project will be imported. How can I now create the glyph “A” again in my current project? I get “Glyph already present in font (A, A: same Unicode)”.

I would suggest some possibility of being able to add a glyph of the same name to the font, if the existing glyph is an imported one.

That is a mistake. I’ll have a look.