Hotkeys for preset sizes / zoom levels

When I work in Glyphs I’m often zooming to fill the screen (CMD+0), or zooming out to look at text by pressing CMD+Minus multiple times. I suggest that there could be a quicker way to get to a preset ‘text view’ zoom level where the point size is set by the user.

Also, in Glyphs 1, entering any number in the pt size box returns an error.

It does accept 1000. But that is about it. Known error.

For previewing, you can also use the Preview at the bottom, or the iOS app Glyphs Preview. Or, for previewing bigger chunks of text, it is best to use InDesign via the Adobe Fonts folder:

That’s even more work to preview big chunks of text!

What exists in Glyphs is already adequate, I merely change the line length and zoom out to see a decent paragraph view. I’d also like a hotkey for a preset paragraph view zoom level / pt size, instead of having to scroll carefully, or press CMD+Minus several times :slight_smile:

Why would you like to zoom out further than what cmd+0 gives you? What can you see then what you can’t see in the preview?

Because I’d like to look at paragraph text, to do spacing. The preview only shows one line. That’s also the reply to the other thread , it’s for easier spacing.

Why paragraph text for spacing?

So I can see more combinations than just what fits in one line at the bottom.

Glyphs is not a DTP program. Rendering mass text would create a performance problem, because a font must be calculated on the fly every time you change something.

Plus, you do not need multiple lines for seeing combinations. So in this case, I suggest either stepping through your long text with the cursor, and the display at the bottom will center on the current glyph. Or, better yet, you create a set of sample texts, and step through them with a keyboard shortcut.

Thank you for responses, I do not own Indesign programs, will try suggestions posted!

Or a web browser, if you do not want to or cannot use indesign.

I'm confused, I already often look at 'mass text' and it's no problem?... The paragraph text in Glyphs is already adequate. There's a lot of latency here to just view simple paragraph text:
  1. Export
  2. Go to other program - InDesign or web browser
  3. Review, and decide a change.
  4. Switch back to Glyphs
  5. Apply change
  6. Repeat steps

(Obviously in a complex layout, InDesign and web browser testing is better.) One of the big advantages of Glyphs for me is being always able to go from the glyph edit view then out to the paragraph view in the same window. A preset zoom hotkey (like CMD+0, but perhaps slightly further out than “Zoom fit to Width”) would make this just a little quicker.

Try this:
Glyphs.currentDocument.windowController().activeEditViewController().graphicView().zo omViewToAbsoluteScale_(0.1)