How can I add Vertical period?

Hi, I’m using glyphs for the first time so it maybe simple question…

What I’m working right now is a Vertical Latin Font and I’m trying to add vertical period.
I’ve tried editing glyphs name as ( .vert ) and ( .v ) but both doesn’t work. (checking with adobe illustrator) And also there is no automatically added Unicode I can confirm…
.vert made vrt2 features, so I consume this is the right one maybe?

(I’ve took BUNGEE font as reference)

When you try to implement vertical (rotated) latin, you shouldn’t need to do anything. Most modern renderer will just use the default (horizontal) glyphs.
Or do you like to have the latin glyphs upright in vertical setting?

Thank you for the reply!

yes, I want to set the period upright or center and also near to the previous glyph when I type vertically.

+Right now period is far away from the last letter. same as horizontal period’s height.
So I thought it should have separated glyph to change the location.

It should be enough to set the height in vertical writing mode.