How can I combine or merge?

It is about Hindi alphabet झ (2).

I just noted this character from my font is displayed incorrectly (3) so I am attempting to correct it myself, but I do not know how to do it. I presume this is a simple task.

The software I found is FontForge. If there is another alternative that better suits these purposes, it is much welcomed to mention in your answer.

So I am attempting to copy and paste the right section of the character (5) to merge with the character (4).

But I do not know how to merge the two altogether (1), or if this practice is not recommended.

How can I combine the two (1)?

Have you already installed Glyphs? Merging paths is absolutely no problem in Glyphs.

I’m afraid I don’t really understand your image or your question, sorry.

I am using Windows. Is this forum exclusively made for Mac users? I can see it is not possible to install Glyphs on Windows.

Correct. Glyphs runs exclusively on Mac. This is not a FontForge forum.

In my case, I was also somewhat desperately running a macOS virtual machine on my poor Windows laptop to use Glyphs for two years, but then finally made the switch to Mac. Can only recommend.

Do you understand my question? Can I pass you the .ttf font file? You do the correction for me, then you send it back to me. Is it legal?

I don’t understand your question, no. And no, sorry, I’m afraid I’m too busy with other stuff to do work on other people’s font files :wink:

This kind of stuff must be possible in FontForge. Is this your font file?

This is not my font file. Are you get paid for this modification? It is just one modification. I believe it takes a professional less than one minute to complete.

It is to copy the squared portion of photo 5 to the right of photo 4, to make it become photo 1, which looks alike of photo 2. Photo 3 is the incorrect character in the .ttf font file.

The font file can be found on the Internet.

Closing this thread.

@a928 please get help in an appropriate way. This is not the right forum.