How can I name my font in Chinese?

if I want to have a Chinese name font

and I think the font I export should be in Chinese font list,
but now
my font can be only have a English name in Latin list

when i input a Chinese name in “family font name” i will get a

The default name needs to be in english. But you can add as many localized names as you wish. You use the localizedFamilyName and localizedStyleName. In the custom parameters of the font and the instances.

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i set like this

and now。。

That seems to be properly set up. I’ll have a look.

What version do you have? Can you send me a .otf file? I can’t test it at the moment as Indesign does not display any localized names for me, right now. (12.3 KB)

thanks a lot

this otf , you can only type 4 Chinese characters “一丁七万”

hello, i still cannot name my font in Chinese,if set「famliyName」is 汉字,there will be a“ could not translate UTF8 glyph code into macRoman”…

But if i set 「localized Familyname」 i can’t get the right name I want…can you help me with this ???

i want my font family name is 招牌体 ,and after setup the OTF,i want the 招牌体 in Chinese font list(not in Latin list) when I chose font insoftware such as Adobe Illustrator

can you teach me ? thank you

You did it right: set a Latin ASCII name, and also the localizedFamilyName parameter.

The software has to support it, of course, but Adobe apps do have settings for showing English names, etc.:

Turn off English names, set the interface language to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional/Hongkong), and perhaps restart, then it should work. I have no experience with Chinese interface/menu language, though.

thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t work, i think the solution maybe in Glyphs.
how to set a right Chinese Name…?..

How are you testing the font? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

It could be a font cache problem otherwise.

Do you have enough Chinese characters in the font already? Because Adobe apps take a look at your glyph set, and may decide to not list it as Chinese if certain glyphs are missing.

Can you send us the .glyphs file? To support (at) (this website without www), please. I will have a look.

Hi, is this issue solved? we are facing the same problem now. could you help?

Which of the issues are you facing? The garbled name or the sort order?

Actually both. we can’t set the Chinese font name for OTF file. and the font name incorrectly shows in the Japanese list.

We are investigating. Can you send us a sample font that exhibits the issue? (The one in your screenshot maybe?)

We cannot guarantee sort order though, because Adobe has not disclosed how they create their menu order. We can only guess.

I’ve already sent the files to, Georg Seifert will look into this issue when he’s back from travel. I replied under this topic, because I searched and found the same issue via Google. Maybe this three-years-ago topic will reminds you guys something:)

Setting the localised font names seems to work for me.

The file with the “ROS” doesn’t export at all because the glyph names in the file do not match the selected ROS. You need to convert to Glyphs nice names and have all glyphs that are defined in the ROS. I set it to “Adobe-Identity-0” and then the font exported correctly.

ROS 中设置为 Adobe-GB1-5 导出后就可以显示中文了。
ROS 参数和Adobe的 CID的对应参数:
Adobe-Korea1(韩语) ,适用于韩国)。

字体输出到 Adobe Illustrator中,在字符列表中就显示字体的中文名称。