How can I Remove Glyphs3 and reinstalled Glyphs2?

I tried to install glyphs2, then upgrade to glyphs3.

However the plug-in (when I used in glyphs2) on glyphs2 isn’t supported by glyphs3. So I‘m going to re-installed with glyphs2.

But Glyphs3 isn’t erased from the launchpad, and Glyphs2 isn’t installed to the application in mac. There is no problem with the execution, but the plug-in used for Glyphs2 is not installed.

I think Mac is confused between Glyphs 2 and Glyphs 3. How can I completely remove Glyphs3 and install Glyphs2?

You can run both versions side by side. Both versions have separate preferences and plugin installations.

What plugin are you trying to use in Glyphs 3 that doesn’t work?

It’s SimplePreview by DaekwonKim.

The developer says It will be update soon.

I don’t know what happened, It runs very well.

Thanks Georg!

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