How did you develop Glyphs App?

I was trying to come up with a new project for myself, and the idea of making my own personal font editor popped into my head. I quickly decided that is what I want to do, but now I am not so sure. After all, I am assuming I would need to build a vector graphics editor, a way to render and export fonts, and to make it all work! Because of this, I have a couple of questions (for the developers):

- How long did it take you to make Glyphs?
- What was the hardest part of making Glyphs?
- Were there any shortcuts you used?
- What programming languages did you use?
- Is it feasible for one person to make a font editor?

(I won’t sell this editor, it is just for me🙂)

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I believe Georg’s first mockups date back to 2005, the 1.0 release happened in 2011.

Glyphs is written in ObjectiveC.