How do copy/paste multiple characters from one style to another?

I’m trying to copy/paste some characters to into a new style that I will then adjust. But when I paste, it just duplicates the empty glyph but doesn’t add any of the shapes to it. There has got to be an easy way to do this instead of having to manually copy and paste each one via the glyph window, right?

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Kimmy, you can try holding down the *Option key when pasting and it becomes *Paste Special. Then you have some options to choose from, including *All Data.

Hmmm, still nothing. The glyph remains blank. I tried uploading a video but the site won’t let me.

What do you mean by new style? Are you duplicating within the same file? And which version of the application?

It’s a high contrast axis to the regular contrast master. So items like the period would be much the same, and the comma or other characters would just have less weight on the narrow bits. Does that make sense?

The Paste special command should do that. You get it from the menu by holding the option key or directly by cmd+opt+V.

Hmm. What Georg said. Or if you are doing it over: What about duplicating the master in the first place? Option-drag it in File > Font Info > Masters or use the Plus button in the lower left corner of the window.

Selecting ‘Content of active layer’ worked. When it was on ‘All data’ it just kept the glyphs empty. Thanks guys!!

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WOW this should be in the edit menu <3