How do I access to numeral numeral subscripts (small numbers) ? Where can I find them?

I would like to know where I can find subscript numerals in order to add to my font and design? Like the following numbers? ¹ ² ³

From the number panel of numbers on the left side, there are Oldstyle figures? Tabular Figures? Etc… Please, help!

Kind Regards

Add glyphs with GlyphAdd Glyphs and enter the following:

zero.sups one.sups two.sups three.sups four.sups five.sups six.sups seven.sups eight.sups nine.sups

This will add the 10 superscript digits. For subscript (below the baseline) change .sups to .subs.

You can also select the existing digits zeronine, duplicate them with EditDuplicate and rename the .001 part of the duplicated glyphs to .sups with EditFindFind and Replace….

You can watch the duplicate and find/replace technique in the following movie: