How do I add Emoji Country Flags in Glyphs App

I am working on an Emoji font and I can’t figure out how to add country flag characters. I could not find them in the glyphs-info window. Is there any way I can add them with the correct Unicode, for example U+1F1E8 for Switzerland flag?
I appreciate your help…

I just noticed the “First Place Medal” emoji is not in the Glyphs-Info window either. It seems like the newer Emojis are not in Glyphs App yet. How do I add these missing emojis?

Glyph > Add Glyphs (Cmd-Shift-G), paste an emoji in the dialog, press Generate.

Hi Mekkablue. I managed to do that, but if I add the emoji this way, the glyph does not have a unicode, and it is not classified under “symbols” as all the other emojis. It seems like the GlyphData.xml that I have installed is not up to date with all emojis. Can I download a latest version of the GlyphData.xml somewhere with all emojis? I have the latest version of GlyphsApp installed though…
Any solutions for that?

I have to look into the newest unicodes and add them. I’ll do that soon.

That would be super cool! Thanks!

I would have thought you could add the emojis yourself by creating your own GlyphData xml file. See (and, if necessary,

Hi. I‘m still facing the same issue, that I can‘t import newer emojis in Glyph Apps. The old emojis work perfectly, so it seems like the Glypdata.xml is still not up to date… (I‘m working with the latest App: Version 2.5.1) Is there a solution meanwhile to add new emoji correctly, so they appear in the ‚symbols‘ category? These are some new emoji’s that are are missing in GlyphsApp: :handshake:, :brain:, :man_teacher: etc…)

You can add them as usual and control their glyph info in font view: Edit > Infor for Selection and set their category to symbol.

I added a bunch of emoji to the glyphData. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for this workaround! Helps for the moment.

Thanks for the Quick reply. Where can I download the latest glyphdata.xml?

Wait for the following update. In the meantime, simply add them with u followed by their 5-digit Unicodes, i.e., uXXXXX as glyph name.

The update is out. I hope I got the ones you were looking for. If not, can you send me a list?

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HI Gerog, It’s a while ago I worked on an Emojifont. Just updating it now, but realizing some emojis are still missing in my Glyphsdata list. For example Compass: U+1F9ED and all country flags and probably more… Is there an update of the Glyphs list including all new emojis? That would be great!

For glyphs that are not in GlyphData, use the ‘uni’ names.
For glyphs with four digit Unicodes, use ‘uniXXXX’. For five digit codes, use ‘uYYYYY’.
To move the glyphs to the right place, set the category and subcategory in the ‘Info for Selection’ (Cmd+Opt+i) in Font View.

I’ll have a look to add the missing entries to the database.