How do I create a new glyph with a specific unicode codepoint?

I want to create a new glyph with name arrowhollow and codepoint U+21FF . I’d like to start by copying the outline from another font. Or alternatively, just a new glyph with name uni21FF and codepoint U+21FF is fine with me if it’s easier.

Exactly what do I need to do? The last time I tried this I did the following:

  • I used New Glyph to create a new glyph
  • I went to the other font, selected its glyph, used command-A to select the outline, copied that, went back to the new glyph, and pasted
  • I tried editing the name field but somehow could not get the codepoint correct.

I read section 7.6 of the manual but am missing something here.

Use the Generate glyphs dialog and put in the uni21FF name. It will add the glyph, assign the name and Unicode. If the code is in the GlyphDate file, the name will be updated with the nice name (that can be disabled in Font Info > Other > use custom names.

Thank you, this worked.