How do I move to next/previous glyph

I would like to know how do I move to next/previous glyph.
Do you have the short cut key to move next/previous glyph such as previous(<), next(>) or previous(command + [), next(command + ]) like Fontlab studio or Fontographer?

I can not see any short cut key for that.

The shortcut is scroll up/down (on the extended keyboard above the arrow keys) or Fn+left/right arrow keys on the compact keyboard and on MaBooks.

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Thank you for the reply.
I am one of the Japanese user. I am using this app under Japanese OS X(10.6.8).
I tried to use the scroll up/down but no luck. but I can use scroll up(home)/down(end) instead.

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Is it possible to change the short cut to something else?
I use magic keyboard (US international) and there is no “fn” on the botto left.
I tried to switch “control” to “fn” but then I can not use short key for “nudge” :confused:
The other option is “home” and “end” keys which are above arrow keys but it reacts differently. It does not move to next glyph in list filter, instead it jumps to a random glyph.

fn-left/right is the shortcut for Home/End. Shift-Home/End takes you to the next/previous glyph in the current Font Tab filter (= whatever is displayed in Font View). Without Shift, it takes you to the next/previous glyph in the font’s glyph order.

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super :slight_smile: thanks!

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Is it possible to navigate via keyboard between the consecutive glyphs entered in the text mode?

On a side note, I’m unable to edit a zero-width glyph even by double-clicking its outlines, got to open it as the only glyph in the edit tab. This works better in FontLab.

In the Freemix scripts collection there are “Edit Previous Glyph”. and “Edit Next Glyph” scripts. I have assigned keyboard shortcuts to those.