How do I save the content in the text preview?

How can I save what is written there so that it remains after I reopen the window. Text save at times but I’m not sure how to do it reliably.

Add the custom parameter “Write DisplayStrings” to Font Info > Font and tick the checkbox.

Do you mean the Text Preview window? It should save its content automatically. I’ll have a look why it doesn’t.

Yes, I mean the text preview window.

Sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s the inconsistency that makes it so weird. It feels like there should be a way to manually save the content, but that function doesn’t work in that panel.

I fixed it. As a small workaround until the update is out: after changing the text, click into the font size text field. That will trigger the storing of the new text.

Thanks. I’ll do that until the update then.