How do you handle yi-cy combos?

Dear Cyrillics designers: How do you handle i-cy/yi-cy and yi-cy/yi-cy combos? I’ve tried to make a required ligature (screen grab attached), but it won’t compile. Have I written the code wrong? Is there a better approach?

Are you sure that’s the right syntax? It looks like you substitute two glyphs by two glyphs, a ligature should have an underscore between character names and be one glyph.

You need to do a contextual substitution:

sub I-cy Yi-cy' by Yi-cy.alt;

The glyph with the ' is substituted and the rest is the context.

What you tried is a many-to-many substitution and that is not supported.

And why “rlig”. That could go to calt.

Thanks, Georg!

Is calt generally better supported than rlig?

“calt” should be supported everywhere. Most of the “required” features are not supported by Adobe.