How i change Default Fonts in Glyph

Sir George

There are things that must be clarified

did you see the time font used as a default operating system font ? no because its used for printed work only and geeza pro font as time font … its used for printed work only

why geeza pro font is the default font for mac os system ?
You should ask a foolish person who suggested this font

Question here
how can i change the default font wich used in glyphs interface?

Do you mean the font that is used for the empty glyphs? This is currently not possible to change it. I will think about adding it.

Yes, I mean

This option is by default in the fontlab . Why is not available in GlyphsApp?!

One of the reasons Glyphs is so easy to use, is that only those options are available that help you focus on your design work. These letters are mere placeholders from the fallback font in the system. Their only function is for you to know which glyph you have in front of you as long as they are empty, nothing more, and they disappear the moment you draw something.

The default font has many problems, some of the glyphs appear small cannot be seen easily.
Some of the glyphs have a higher baseline and one below the baseline in many distances making them hidden. It cannot identify them only when you open the glyph. This means that the default font does not fit and is bad

Hi George,

I’d like to bring back this issue. Has anything been done in this respect? I mean, is still impossible to change the default preview font for empty glyphs? I find this preview system very helpful. Now I am working on an extensive Latin set and I find many blank slots (GlyphsApp 1.4.4 (611) on Mavericks. System font: Lucida Grande).

It would be great if we could change it and use a font with a character set that suits each work.

The system will default to the first font that has a glyph for the character in question. That means two things if a slot remains blank, and you want to have a default displayed:

  • the slot must have a Unicode
  • you need to install a font that has a glyph assigned to the Unicode

Good to know how it works :slight_smile: I think that will solve my problem. Thanks a lot.

I did some surgeries to the origin of this result