How must I write a calt-Feature?

During class I was showing my students how to write OT-features, but what is wrong with the calt-feature? I tried everything, like trying all variations of single quotes (danish keyboard I thought!) but according to this Forum I did it correct (I often use FontLab, so it could be different)
Can anybody detect a mistake?

Please right click the text view and disable everything in the substitutions menu. It should be a strait ‘tick mark’ instead a curly single quote.

I see now that it changes from »single quote« (straight) to »single quote right« (curly) when I write it, I don’t understand your instructions on how to avoid it?

Right click in the text view. In the context menu, there is a Substitutions menu.

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Thank you! I never expected typographer’s quote in coding?! You saved my day & a bunch of students’