How to add anchor in smart component?

I saw a video about creating smart component with anchor inserted, but I didn’t get it work when adding anchor. Afterwards, you can drag the anchor to change the shape, which i can not make it work.
attached is the video. any help, pls? thanks.
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Have a look at the Smart Components tutorial:

Specifically the Smart Components as CJK radicals section.

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thank you very much.

I added anchor for all layers with a name call “_connect”. but, when i use it to create new glyph, i can not see the draggable anchor on the smart component. Any tips?

For the anchors to function as a handle, the anchor needs to have the same name as a Smart Component property.

So, instead of calling the anchor _connect, name it something like Left Arm or Crossing or something that makes sense to you and then give the exact same name to one of the Smart Component properties.

thanks ,i will try again.

Then anchor is named correct now and it’s changed to be handle, while, what i want to achieve is that it can be used to change the shape of the radical as shown on the video. How to do that? thanks

You need to define different layers in the Smart Component where the anchor is moved to a different position and the outlines are changed to reflect the new anchor position.

Here is an example file with 丫 where you can control the point where the stroke forks to the right: Smart Handles.glyphs (1.8 KB)


This is a simple example with just one additional layer the defines how the outline changes when the anchor moves down. You could also have more layers to define how it would look like when the anchor is moved up or to the right or diagonally or whatever direction you need.

thank very much. Solved.